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Research shows that only 35% of ERP jobs are filled by application. The speed at which the best opportunities are filled and then removed is directly related to how few high-level jobs are filled by passive searching and application. Keeping a profile on our site ensures you are keyed into the highest level ERP network available. The best part is that you are not contacted with jobs you’re over-qualified for. You choose how public or private of a profile you like, and based on your profile, you receive information for high-probability job matches. Join now and experience the advantage!

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Recruiters that belong to the network realize the importance of reaching high-level ERP Professionals that do not keep profiles on the traditional non-ERP specific and low-level ERP job boards. We offer our members the jobs, tools and ERP specific resources needed to keep them using our site. Our senior -level ERP SAP®, Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, JD Edwards®, and CRM jobs are extremely detailed and vetted. Our ERP professionals are no different. Many of our ERP jobs and job seekers cannot be found on other sites because we are the #1 solution for senior-level ERP work. Join now and fill your high-level positions faster and with better candidates!

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