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ERP Jobs

ERP-Consulting is part of the ERP-Consulting.com job network.

ERP-Consulting.com is North America's largest ERP career network, built just for SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards professionals. Get ERP jobs, services, and benefits that support your needs as an ERP professional. Start a membership for FREE today and become a part of this
high-level, exclusive network.

ERP-Consulting.com is exclusively for ERP experts-especially SAP consultants. 

We’re a niche-provider of SAP consulting jobs for professionals with careers in SAP. Our clients post new SAP openings daily like SAP SCM jobs, SAP HCM jobs, and SAP BI jobs.

When you’re a member on our site, you’ll never have to worry about lower-level, under-qualified, or even fake SAP consultants applying for
the SAP jobs that you want. We vet every SAP consultant before they have access to any of our clients’ SAP positions like SAP financials jobs, SAP CRM jobs, SAP procurement jobs, and SAP FSCM jobs.

ERP-Consulting.com continuously posts Oracle jobs from
Fortune 1000 companies.

The hassle of staffing layers!

Talk directly to companies about your next Oracle SCM job. Proactively position yourself to the company that has your next Oracle HCM job.

Exclusive ERP Jobs Posted daily!

You don’t need to pick through sales, marketing or IT positions to find an Oracle Financials job. We're a one-stop-shop for Oracle CRM jobs.

DirectConnect and stay informed!

Receive a phone call and email about the Oracle BI job that’s a fit. Resume says you have Oracle procurement experience? We will let
you know where to build on that experience with the latest Oracle  procurement jobs.

Membership is free. Registration takes 5 minutes. Register Now

North America's largest ERP-centric job board, and an exclusive community of PeopleSoft professionals and recruiters.

As a member, you will have access to our complete PeopleSoft job database, full details on PeopleSoft projects, and the ability to connect directly with recruiters searching for PeopleSoft contractors. ERP-consulting.com is an innovative and effective resource that will simplify your PeopleSoft career search. Sign up today to become a part of this high-level, exclusive network and find your next PeopleSoft project now.


We do ERP and only ERP. The value of a niche PeopleSoft job board is knowing that recruiters will be contacting you for PeopleSoft jobs
only. No more phone calls or emails for irrelevant positions.

Exclusive PeopleSoft Job Network

You're a highly-skilled PeopleSoft professional and deserve to market yourself in an exclusive environment. We hand screen every consultant that registers for access to the site. What that means for you is that your resume, profile, rate and PeopleSoft experience isn't seen next to someone with fabricated or no US work history. As a result 60% of the ERP professionals on our site no longer post their resumes on
Monster or Dice.

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ERP-Consulting.com is your premier hub for finding JD Edwards consulting jobs.

We’ve been providing our high-level JD Edwards consultant community the opportunity to work directly with our clients, no layers. We only
provide ERP jobs, and our client base is made up of the Fortune 2,000. If you’re a seasoned consultant looking for your next JD Edwards opportunity, join us.

-Exclusive JD Edwards
EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World community We are a niche provider of JD Edwards E1 and World jobs,  Vetted JD Edwards Enterprise One and World professionals You won’t find low level JD Edwards opportunities here(,) only high-level JD Edwards opportunities. The best jobs for the best talent!,  Exclusive JD Edwards Enterprise One and World jobs We only supply you with JD Edwards opportunities( –) none of those other IT positions that have nothing to do with your experience

You’ll find your future JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JDE EnterpriseOne, JDE E1, JD Edwards World, JDE World opportunities here.

Membership is free. Registration takes 5 minutes. Register Now

An Exclusive Network

Every candidate at
ERP-Consulting.com is prescreened to make sure they meet this criteria:

•  ERP Only
•  US Only
•  3+ Years of Experience
•  100% are independent professionals
•  93% are US citizens or Green Card
•  75% don't meet our standards
•  65% have 10+ years of experience
•  60% do not post on Dice

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What we do.

ERP-Consulting connects senior level SAP®, Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, and JD Edwards® professionals with exclusive ERP jobs from top companies across the United States. This is the premiere place to find the ERP industry’s top SAP Jobs, Oracle Jobs, PeopleSoft Jobs and JD Edwards Jobs.

ERP Professionals

Keeping a profile on our site ensures you are keyed into the highest level ERP network available. You are not contacted with jobs you’re over-qualified for. You choose how public or private of a profile you like, and based on your profile, you receive information for job matches. Join now and experience the ERP-Consulting.com advantage!

ERP Recruiters

We offer our members the jobs, tools and ERP specific resources needed to keep them using our site. Our senior -level ERP SAP®, Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, JD Edwards®, and CRM jobs are extremely detailed and vetted. Our ERP professionals are no different. Join now and fill your high-level positions faster and with better candidates!

What people are saying

“I have been working with ERP-Consulting for the last 3 months and it has been a positive experience. The website’s interface is very user friendly and easy to use. Their team is quick to respond to e-mails and are very helpful. I am looking forward to working with them in the future.”

CB, Account Executive - First Tier Technology
"We use ERP-Consulting as part of a diverse and aggressive
recruitment strategy. Our recruiters have found that the representations of the
talent on the board are much more accurate then the commodity job boards."

OA, Recruiter - Ascension Technology
"I have been using ERP-Consulting to source candidates for a
few years now. The quality of candidates has improved tremendously. The site is very user friendly, integrates well with my applicant tracking system, website,
and how I search for candidates with proper U.S. work authorization."

JW, President/Owner - Top Tek Talent Inc.
"We’ve found some excellent candidates through
ERP-Consulting. The fact that they’ve been pre-screened gives us a better level of confidence than with other services. Information such as location, travel
preferences, etc helps us focus on the right candidates for our projects."

MD, Director of Operations - Independent Catalyst
"Your ERP-Consulting portal is excellent. I am sourcing
amazing consultants there. Thanks for your support."

Mohammad Husain - NAM IT

Clients we work with

SAP Training

Whether you are an industry veteran or an up and comer, the right SAP Training can increase your income and opportunities. We understand firsthand the importance of essential job training and experience and have an exclusive network that only includes experienced professionals.

We have partnered with an industry leader in SAP training to help bring experience ...and potentially higher earning potential in our network 

With their 1,000+ hands-on SAP training simulations, you can learn by doing. These courses allow for you to become an MMC-certified SAP Professional. Join the 10,000+ students, professionals, and Fortune 500 companies that have already taken these training courses.

For SAP Beginners: Learn basic SAP skills and get functional
overviews of the most common SAP modules.

- 10 SAP certification training courses:
- Basic & Intermediate SAP Skills
- Basic & Intermediate SAP Reporting
- Intro to SAP Configuration
- Finance & Controlling Overview
- Sales & Distribution Overview
- Materials Management Overview
- Human Resources Overview
- 1 year access
- Includes final certification exams

- Live SAP access to ECC 6.0
- 1 year for $750 (20% off)

For SAP Professionals: Unlimited access to all our SAP training courses.

- 100+ certification-level SAP courses
- Unlimited access to all our SAP training
- 1 year access
- Includes final certification exams

- Live SAP access to ECC 6.0
- 1 year for $750 (20% off)

For companies: Unlimited access to all SAP training courses, SAP Skill Assessments and our
cloud-based LMS.

Everything from the Individual level plus:

- Access to 48 SAP Skill Assessments
- Cloud-based learning platform
- Upload your own training documents
- Progress tracking and monitoring
- Premium reporting

- Active Training Management
- Custom SAP training development
- Dedicated SAP access

Numbers don’t lie…

Knowing how to work with SAP software pays off.

250,000 companies run SAP software in over 130 countries
80% of the Fortune 500 run SAP
500,000 people in the US on LinkedIn have SAP skills in their profile
40,000 SAP jobs are listed on Indeed.com

Now that you know some of the industry numbers…Do you want to know what SAP professionals are making?

Learn More